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Vinyl Decal Team Beans Fundraiser

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Basic info about this Vinyl Decal:

  • Premium Commercial Grade Vinyl waterproof, and UV protected
  • Easy to apply and removable (not usable after removed)
  • Made in the USA
  • Will last for years without peeling or fading
  • Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • This decal has no background. The background is whatever you place the decal on.
  • Works on: walls, glass, tile, plastic, metal, painted wood and smooth surfaces.
  • 3.5" wide X 3.75" tall.
  • Several colors to pick from, Dark Blue, White, Silver, Red, Hot Pink, Matte Black, or Gloss Black.
  • Dark blue is a shade or two darker than royal blue. 

What all do you get?

  • (1) vinyl decal.
  • Each decal comes pre-cut on transfer paper.
  • Easy to follow Vinyl Application Instructions for use.
  • A cleaning cloth for surface preparation.
  • The good feeling that comes with donating to a good cause!
  • Membership to Team Beans! (not a real membership)

Who is Beans?

Beans is an energetic, goofy bully who started life off on the end of a chain. He was brought to Carolina Veterinary Hospital in July 2019 as a 4 month old with a severe spinal injury that was, unfortunately several days old with irreversible damage. Beans's previous owner informed the CVH team that he was an outdoor only dog and that, while she was away from home for several days, her neighbor found Beans with his chain wrapped around his midsection and in severe pain. A few days after she returned home, his previous owner brought him to CVH for treatment because he wasn't improving and later surrendered him to Dr Davis due to his prognosis. It was initially thought he was a paraplegic. However, after a little over a month of tlc, Beans regained some feeling and voluntary movement in his hand legs and tail. Beans has been available for adoption, but it can be hard to find the perfect home that can meet all the needs of a 55# bully pup who doesn't know he's different/special. Beans currently lives at Carolina Veterinary Hospital, where he will always have a loving home for as long as he needs with a support system of CVH family and friends who spoil him beyond rotten, as any good pup should be.  Due to his condition, Beans does wear belly bands/diapers overnight and will likely suffer recurring urinary tract infection since he cannot fully empty his bladder on his own. He gets around by scooting on his rump and crawling on his knees/stifles like a baby. Whenever he's out and about, Beans enjoys his doggie wheelchair and hip support along, which were purchased by funds raised by his CVH family and the Southern Brotherhood, a motorcycle club that helps a fundraiser for him last September.  

What else?

These vinyl decals will get shipped out in the regular USPS mail in a regular envelope with the instructions and cleaning cloth.  Shipments go out either same day or next day after purchase.  USPS usually only takes a few days to deliver.  Since this is a FUNDRAISER, we are charging a single price, no tax, no shipping, nothing extra. All proceeds go to Carolina Veterinary Hospital to support Beans.