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Starting a new year.

Posted by Shawn Simmonds on

We're all starting a new year and we're feeling pretty good about 2024.  2023 was good to us.  We had a lot of growth throughout the year.  Now we're going into a new year with a good mix of customers. 

One thing we're looking forward to is the new customers we have that are local small businesses.  Sometimes it seems like more hassle than it's worth printing bare minimum orders, but we remember when we were starting out.  We followed that path of start small and grow.  So we look forward to working with these new small customers to help them grow. 

That's the beauty of the printing business.  We're helping others build their brand, establish their look, and promote their existence in the marketplace.  As they grow, they order more, and therefore, we grow. 

We try to go that extra step and try to follow, like, and share things on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.  Small businesses are the backbone of a community.  If we work together, we can build a large and strong community.  It doesn't have to be cold transactions just to get things done. 

We're here in 2024 to grow with you.  Let's build a community.


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