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UMOS Full Zip-Up

Paw Prints Screen Printing

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Zip up hoodies

Thank you for shopping with us.  Please note that all orders for Uplift Michigan Online School will be processed at the end of this sale, Sunday April 2, 2023 at Midnight.  (That means we won't even start working on things till then).  All orders will be individually wrapped and mailed.  You should get order updates from this website as well as notification of tracking so you can follow your order. 

With that out of the way, let's get into the shirts!

These full zip hoodies will have the school logo screen printed on the left breast.  Due to fluctuations in availability, we're not sure which manufacturer will have sufficient quantities to fill this order.  That means there may be some variation between what you get and the mock-up presented here.  The laces and zipper may be color matched navy or white depending.  What won't change is the color will be solid navy and the offerings are:

Lightweight - around 7 oz or less (t-shirts are usually 4-6 oz) OR

Heavyweight - 9 oz or heavier